Saturday, 30 August 2014

A Blast from the Past

I used to love to love photography and from 2010-12 it was my main hobby. I hid the family camera and spent a fortune on the memory card for it. As this camera was given to us as a present in 2004 you can guess that it was not the best of cameras. The focus rarely worked, the zoom was appalling and none of the settings worked. It was not high-tech (although it might have been when it was purchased.) and was quite an embarrassing thing to lug around as it really did single me out as an amateur.

These two years were my ‘alternative’ phase and that period that you want to forget. So I put packed that camera away and buried it under the junk in my room. I forgot about it. I still enjoyed taking photos but I mainly relied on my phone to take these. This is something that I regret as they aren’t the best quality despite it being a very good phone. So this camera was looking like it was going to slowly succumb to dust until it was unearthed by my brother two weeks ago.  I told him that he could have it as I had no interest in photography anymore.

Until today.

My brother has spent a lot of his summer inside on his iPod so it has become my family’s mission to get him outside as much as we can. Taking away electronic devices doesn’t work anymore. As I had decided against going to the gym I told him to charge the wreck of the camera and to follow me. My brother is not the most creative of people – he despises anything remotely arty but had always fancied having his own ‘proper’ camera. He is not amazing but as it was his first time using it I think that can be excused. We trekked through the local woods and spent a while with the goats that live by our house (they aren’t wild). It was a bit dull as I have exhausted that area in the past few years but it was good for my brother. He spent an hour taking photos but the adventure ended when he got covered in tree sap.

When we were later going through the photos he had taken we found some of my old photos on the camera and I was impressed. I am not amazing but I obviously loved taking them. I know I stopped because that camera really was annoying me but I could have saved up for a new one and continued. Instead I just stopped which is not a good thing to do. However, today's little blast in the past has inspired me to try again and I am planning on buying a new camera ready for autumn.

Until then here are some pictures from the past and some more recent ones (taken on my phone).

I do not know when or where this photo was taken. Probably Bonfire night '12.
I do like it though but this was taken with an even worse camera than the one described above.
It was a birthday present and was £15.

I have a version of this photo in black and white but I wanted to upload the original.
This was the photo that inspired me to start taking photos. 
This was also taken with the £15 camera.

I love this photo. It's very generic but this is taken in one of my favourite places. 
Living in Berkshire means that there are many lovely places to walk and they are often very beautiful.
We have spent many a  winter afternoon strolling was wonderful sights like this around us.

Believe it or not this as taken on a lake and hasn't been edited. If it is called edited even you hover over it that is merely me trying to change the size so it's not too big for the screen! I love this photo as well as I was surprised that I managed to take it.

I don't actually remember taking this and I just found it whilst going through my folders. Unfortunately this is edited but I can't find the original version anywhere. Still, I think that it is a nice photo.

This is my all time favourite photo. 

I used to have my own special spot to sit in and read out in the woods. No one ever seemed to go there as it was always remained little free and the grass wild. This meant that it was teeming with butterflies of all sorts of different kinds. I like the detail in this photo but it's a bit too zoomed in for my liking.

 In February I went on a school trip to Iceland and lost my heart to it. Everywhere was beautiful. Everywhere. This is the Blue Lagoon. A place so wonderful and beautiful it makes me want to go again. As you can see there are some swimmers in the shot but I love this photo as it was the sun setting on my first night there. I thought it showed just some of the beauty of the wonderful Blue Lagoon. 

Geysers are spectacular to watch and to take photos of. We'd wait for five minutes for them to erupt and we were all taken aback by the sight. There were bigger ones that this but the ground was so icey (as you can see) so I wasn't brave enough to cross over to them.

Iceland. The most beautiful place that I have ever been to. All three of the Iceland photos haven't been edited and were taken with my Samsung. No matter how good the camera, the beauty of this wonderful country can not be truly portrayed unless you go there yourself.

And there you have it. A select few of my photos. I do not mean to post these to show off. I posted them to share and maybe to inspire someone else. I know I've inspired myself to give it another go!

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