Saturday, 2 August 2014

Monthly Music

Like so many other teenagers – I love my music. I have been through all the phases possible. I’ve survived the emo ITSNOTAPHASE phase, I have lived through the ‘I heard it first – you’re all fake’ stage and I cruised through the ‘IHATEMAINSTREAMMUSICIT’SALLTERRIBLE’ time. So the type of music that I have listened to is quite a range. But now, thankfully, I am in the ‘I will listen to whatever takes my fancy’ and I think that I have a good music taste as I don’t restrict what I listen to. This also means that my favourite songs change quite a lot. Obviously I like a lot more songs than the ones that I am going to talk about but these ones have stood out to me over the last four weeks or so.

Number one: Lily Allen

Okay, I know it’s not a song but Lily Allen has always been a pretty big artist in England and my family have listened to a number of her songs (such as LDN) for years. But her new album is quite the alternative one. When I first saw/listened to ‘Hard Out Here’ I loved it and I loved the message that it portrayed. As this was released during the aftermath of the dreadful and offensive song ‘Blurred Lines’ it was obvious that women have had enough. Not only did Allen ‘drop’ this brilliant song but Beyoncé also released her album that shows that women shouldn’t be shamed for enjoying sex (also a theme in Hard Out Here).

What stood out about Lily’s new album - Sheezus – was that this theme carried out throughout it whilst making statements about a lot of things. Songs like ‘Sheezus’ that mocks the embarrassment that occurs when talking about periods with males and also ‘URL Badman’ which shows the ‘Hardcore Gentlemen of the Internet’ that really they’re just a bit pathetic’. The song ‘L8 CMMR’ highlights the freedom of female’s sexuality and obviously ‘Hard Out Here’ talks about how the media portrays a negative image of women. Sheezus has been a highlight of the past month and I hope Lily Allen continues making music.

         2. - URL Badman
         3. - Sheezus

Number two: Hospital Food

I said in my last post that I love reading books that explore themes of mental health, so at the moment I am reading One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. I decided to watch the film trailer on Youtube late one night and in the recommended section there was the song ‘Hospital Food’ by David Gray. David Gray is an artist my dad used to listen to all the time so, as I enjoy his music; I decided to click on the link. I do not regret it. David Gray has a very distinctive style which can become quite repetitive; however this song stood out to me because 1. It ties with the book I am reading and 2. Because the song is quite catchy in a strange way.

Number three: Marina and the Diamonds

Another artist I am afraid. I have loved Marina since early last year (late on the bandwagon, I know) and I had bought a number of single songs on her albums but as we were going up North for our holiday I decided to buy both over the albums. Together they were under £5 so even if I didn’t like songs on then I wouldn’t feel too guilty, but I needn’t have worried as there are a lot of songs that I enjoyed. Some of these songs are:
1.       Numb
2.       Obsessions
3.       I Am Not a Robot
4.        Homewrecker
5.       Girls
6.       State of Dreaming
7.       America

They are just a few off the top of my head so there are more!

Number Four: Chandelier

You must have heard this song and if you haven’t are you living under a rock? This song is sung by Sia and is a very powerful song; however the best part is the music video. The dance is performed by Maddie who is also on Dance Moms and, even though she’s only 11 her dancing tells a wonderful story (it also makes you feel like a bit of a failure as you are constantly comparing yourself to an 11 year old.) I like Sia but I didn’t enjoy her new album as the only standout song was Chandelier (in my opinion – you may think differently) so I was disappointed by that. I just wish I could dance, sadly that is never going to happen.

Number Five: Iron Sky (the live version)

Paolo’s combination of the speech from Charlie Chaplin’s ‘Dictator’ works so well in this song and there is real emotion in his voice. I prefer the live version as I think that Paolo’s rougher voice works better with the subject and the mood of this song – again you may completely disagree. I have not listened to the rest of his new album but if you haven’t listened to ‘Sunnyside Up’ you should as it has a number of happy/sad songs in and it really is a good purchase (plus it must be pretty cheap as it has been out for years.)

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