Sunday, 14 September 2014

Four Favourites

Hair and beauty favourites of last month

This month has been quite boring when it comes to what I have bought as I have been too bust to go out and buy things. However, it is my birthday on Tuesday so hopefully I will have a lot of exciting things to blog about then! But in the meantime I have four beauty items that have been my rock this month - some are fairly well know others not as much.

The first product is a face scrub. If you have read my blog post about winning the war against spots (link: ) you will know that I love my Clean and Clear Blackhead Clearing Daily Scrub; however my skin seems to be hungry for more - something gentle but a bit harsher that the small blue beads in my C&C scrub. I have used the St Ives scrubs before and loved them but I was quite a bit younger when I used them and my skin was a lot more fragile so I stopped using them. Now I have started again and I don't really want to stop! The feeling after using this product is amazing - you do have to use it with a wash as well - but your skin just feels so clean and soft. I use the Apricot Scrub as it is 'blemish fighting' but my sister has also used the gentle scrub and loved that as well. St Ives is a brand that makes me want to explore all their skin care products - something that hasn't happened to me since I discovered 'Oxy' only for it to be discontinued in all stores around me. This scrub shouldn't be used by anyone who is just starting to go through puberty - they should use the gentle wash instead!


My second favourite is a skin cream called Re-Gen Cream. As I have said before I have a skin condition that means that I scar badly and it can take years for the scar to fade or reduce in redness so I have had to just embrace my scars. I have really bad ones on my forehead from acne and although they happened years ago the scars remain and they are quite hard to conceal. But after some online browsing I found this product on Amazon and at £4 a tub I decided to give it ago and it is wonderful. It smells great and it is not a very thick cream so a little goes a long way. You have to apply it at least twice a day (once morning and once in the evening) and you can not put/use another product as well as it for at least half an hour. It makes my skin feel all soft and clean and although I have only been using it for three weeks I can definitely see improvements. Also it doesn't make me have a break out so it is one I shall repurchase as soon as it is empty.


M&S' beauty section is a place where I wander off to during the almost-weekly trip to my local (mega!)store. There are a lot of expensive items in it and it is not a very 'hip' nor 'cool' places as a lot of the makeup is aimed towards children and middle aged women; however sometimes you can find some jewels in the reduced section. And that is where I found my third favourite. This lip-gloss comes in three flavours (that I have seen) and they are the flavours: citrus mint, vanilla mint and peppermint. Although vanilla lip gloss sounds disgusting the mint part is there because this lip gloss doubles up as a breath freshener - but please don't eat it! You just put it on your lips and let it works it's magic. I originally just bought the citrus mint but as it was so good I had to go and see if anymore had been reduced so I bought the other two - the vanilla mint for me and the peppermint for my mum. As these are reduced I do not know if they will be back next Spring/Summer but I hope so as they are my all-time favourite lip care item!


My fourth and final item is a very well know product and this is the Butter Yourself body cream by Soap and Glory. Soap and Glory is one of my favourite brands as I love all the products and they're always on some sort of deal in boots. I have had this body cream for months and the scent is as strong as it was when I first bought it and it hasn't dried out! I am constantly buy S&G products and this was are-purchase but I forgot how wonderful the smell was and the miracles that it did to my skin until recently. Whenever it is one of my friends birthdays I always try to buy them some S&G products as I think that they are some of the best value skincare/makeup products that you can buy!


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