Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Summer Time Blues

I wish I could say that this summer had been perfect, but it hasn't. There have been some massive highs and some lows; however on a whole it has been really good. Due to not checking the expiry date of my brothers passport we were unable to go abroad so we decided to spend one week 'Up North' a place that me and my siblings had never been to before. This was also a very good plan as my sister will be attending Durham University in less than a month (oh my) so this was a great chance for us to explore the city. After this we decided to stay in my Grandparents static for a week in Wales. As my family is Welsh we take many trips to Wales over the year but we had never stayed in the Static so it was an opportunity to go someone newish. It's located near some spectacular beaches so we were praying for some good weather.

Instead of going into detail about EVERYTHING we did, I have decided to post photos with a little caption explain them. I'll try to put them in chronological order. 

Work Experience - undecided whether it was a good week or not but those crisps are to die for.

The South Bank Love Festival was a charm and it was a hot day to make it even better. 

The view from our holiday house Up North. Imagine eating breakfast here every day and watching the swallows play on the river

Durham from a far - it was over cast - of coarse 

Me (far right) with the family (minus my father). We were wondering if it would be okay to play pooh sticks on a bridge 20 meters above the river. There are lots of bridges like this in Durham - unfortunately they're all too high to play Pooh Sticks.

Outside Durham Cathedral with the family (minus my mother this time). My top has cats on, just so you know - it's not some weird artistic pattern!

The is in Whitby and we made a quick visit to the Abby - it as nice but it cost a lot and there was very little information

To get to the Abby you have to walk through one of the strangest graveyards I have ever been into and the church is even stranger!

 The Abby from a far - as you can see the weather was kind to us that day!

A nice name for a street - yes?

When we went to The Lakes we went on a walk around a place called Aira Force and it was lovely and long. It was raining a bit but thankfully we escaped the downpour that followed!

A view over the Lakes

Laugharne estuary that stretches for miles.

A cute photo of my and two of my best friends - one of which moved to London two years ago and this was our trip to catch up.

Well that was my summer in photos - I hope we go abroad next year but I do think that there are some wonderful places to visit in England and Wales and I wouldn't want to live anywhere else in the world. 

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