Monday, 22 September 2014

Wallet stories

We may not think about it that often but our purses and wallets contain so many stories. Whether it be because you have a creased up photo or a forgotten packet of mints from a long ago date - almost everything has a story behind it. So I decided to give you a little tour of my wallet that has been through a lot - dropped down escalators and kicked across streets (by accident of course!). My purse was a present from Christmas two years ago and it is very me. It is from Fatface and I believe it cost around £25 so not too bad for Fatface!

It is quite a large wallet but it hold a lot of things - it had pockets everywhere that they could have put pockets. It can get quite heavy but that depends what you put in it and it has the largest space for change that I have ever seen in a wallet.

I am not really a card person - I am so paranoid about losing a credit card that I do not use one. This is something that is silly and I probably will get a debit/credit card at some point in the foreseeable future but for the moment I'll stick to my notes and coins.

I love my point collecting cards and even though I am not a fan of Nandos I have an impressive number of points. My Waterstones and Boots card are used all the time and I am the self proclaimed points queen.
 I am a hoarder when it comes to things in my purse. Train tickets, bus tickets and old receipts to remind me of good times. This one was my travel card from when I went to Summer in the City in 2013 and I stayed with two of my best friends in London for three days. Although my overall experience at Sitc wasn’t amazing – the time spent with my friends overruled that.

 Being a cheapskate (as made clear by my point/club cards – some of which were not even in my purse!) I collect stamp cards due to the prospect of having something free at the end. There seem to be very few shops offering this fantastic deal at the moment so I only have two cards on the go. My fuel card is regularly used and I believe that this is my fourth card.

 Train tickets galore! I make so many train visits that my ticket collection has become quite vast. Thankfully I do not keep them all in my wallet for there would be no room for more important things like coupons and point cards.

 I hate busses – the jerking and the anti-social teenagers make me want to cry but sometimes you have no other choice than to hop on the next one. These two tickets were from when I was doing my work experience – something that I am not sure if I enjoyed it or not but the bus journeys weren’t too exhausting and there were only one or two hiccups. I keep these as a reminder that I can conquer my anxiety when it comes to busses – if I’ve done it once I can do it again!

 You may recognise the note as a euro but you may not realise or know where the coins are from. These coins are from Iceland – the most beautiful place that I have ever had the pleasure to go to. I went with my school for four days and it was such a lovely trip. We visited The Blue Lagoon and so may waterfalls and geographical wonders. I am so lucky to have been offered such an amazing opportunity. The euro is from the overnight trenches trip that I also went on last year which was emotional and wonderful as we went a few weeks before the centurion of World War One.  

I am a sucker for libraries. I love a good story but I (sadly) do not have never ending money so I turn to libraries when in need. The quality of the libraries near me is a debatable; however I always carry around my library card just in case I pass one and want to pop in for a look.  

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