Monday, 27 October 2014

Another day, another lush shop

I spend too much money in lush. Way, way too much but it has become sort of an addiction - as soon as my lush pile runs dry I will go and spend £20-40 in there. See - it is bad. However they smell divine and look brilliant so I thought I would share with you my latest purchases.

A somewhat arty shot of my purchases - my bathroom is really ugly so I didn't want to do a wide shot and have to have readers witness the rubbish I call a 'bathroom'. 

This is the 'Fizzbanger' - something that I have been wanting to try for ages. It smells like sherbet and it quite a hefty bomb which can be a bad thing as I have found that they are more susceptible to cracking (and this one has).

Yes! I have finally bought 'Space Girl' and I hope it doesn't let me down. It isn't the most colourful one; however I love the shape and smell of it (I mean look at that hipster glitter)

I didn't actually want this as I am not a fan of rose smelling products so I would never have bought this. But as all the lush workers seem to be so lovely and happy the wonderful women behind the till gave this to me for free- it is the Rose Jam Bubbleroom if you didn't know. It has another half to it but that came apart (maybe that is why I got it for free - I have no idea).

I have never been a fan of bubble bars either - then I realised that I had been using them incorrectly. Yes I had been crumbling them up under the tap but my bath tap is weak so I find that the only way to get a lot of bubbles is to turn on my shower for a bit and use it's good old power-showerness to bring the fun back into my bath. It works a treat so I can not wait to use this cute little one in my next boring bath.

I have a little brother who loves Lush as much as I do so I always let him choose two or three things for us to get. (No more than that - after all i am the one paying for them!) He chose the Wizard Bubble bar and this Avobath which I am not a fan of so far. I find the smell a bit overpowering but maybe that is just me - my mum and my brother said they loved it but I am not so sure. It's going to have to be amazing when I use it. 

I turned my nose up at The Lord of Misrule last time I was in Lush, mainly because I thought the smell was way too strong; however after being told the the Northern Lights bomb had sold out I decided to get this instead and I hope it lives up to my expectations as it has had rave reviews from other bloggers.

My favourite purchase from yesterday was the Yog Nog soap that smells good enough to eat. I can not stop going to my bathroom and sniffing it. Ugh, it is gorgeous - I think I might need to go and wash my hands with it again ;).

Yesterdays bath choice was the Luxury Lush Bath Pud and it was lovely. I think it was meant to have a message inside but all that came out of mine was a tiny piece of paper with nothing on - just a small cube so maybe there was a mistake? I don't know and I do not care. I as so lovely and the small amount of glitter added a little extra and was a wonderful surprise when I realised (being very short sited means it takes me a while to notice these things!). I am definitely going to repurchase this! 

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