Sunday, 5 October 2014

Northern Lights Bath Bomb

I have become rather a big Lush fan - my skin is loving it but my wallet is not. However, I couldn't contain my excitement when I found out that they had released their Christmas collection so I rushed into my local store the very next day. I bought a lot. I got six items and although purpose was to buy the Snow Fairy boxy wash I got so carried away sniffing all the bath bombs that I completely forgot! As it has finally turned autumnal here and the nights are very cold I decided that it would be a good idea to get out my friend box-set and run myself a bath. My chosen bath bomb was the new Northern Lights Bath Bomb - purely because of its 'glowstick' shape!  

As you can see it has little stars that go throughout this bath bomb. But don't worry - these cute little stars really are tiny and after a while they disintegrate into the purple depths of your bath.

 My only issue was this: I was trying to take a Snapchat of my bath bomb so I picked it up and as soon as I took my hand away I realised that it had dyed my fingers! Thankfully the dye didn’t come off onto anything! Still, although the dye on my finger has come off my fingernails still have a pink stain on them. Also I noticed this morning that it had dyed my scrunchy a light pink colour – I don’t really mind this anyway as it was cheap and I think it spices it up a bit.

 I loved this bath bomb - I do think that it could have been halved to make it last longer but it was just so much fun! The hidden colours made it so much more interesting and the stars were a nice little touch. The smell isn't very strong which can be quite nice for a more relaxing bath. One thing is for sure - I will buy this the next time I go shopping!

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