Thursday, 16 October 2014

(Not-so) Monthly Music

I decided to start Monthly Music a while back; however I think I only made one post before forgetting about it until today. So here I am going to talk about my favourite artists of the month or favourite songs or just something music related.

Artist one: Frightened Rabbit

Boy do I love this band. I have loved them for about two years now when I stumbled across State Hospital whilst trying to find a BBC documentary (which I didn't find in the end but who cares - I found this brilliant band instead). They aren't just a one hit wonder (in fact I don't think that they have had any 'hits' which is a shame as their music is great) and I used to thoroughly enjoy explore all of their songs during winter evenings. Then I forgot about them. Until a few weeks ago when I remembered them in a blissful moment and I have been listening to them every day since. They aren't going to be for everyone's taste but they don't include a heavy base or dubstep - it's just a good old band focused on making good music. 


  1.  State Hospital (My favourite)
  2. Swim Till You Can't See Land
  3. The Woodpile 
  4. Dead Now
  5. The Loneliness and the Scream  (My close second favourite)
Song Two: Secrets 

Secrets is by an artist called Mary Lambert - do you recognise her name? Well you might do as she featured on the hit Same Love and did the 'Keeps me warm' bit. So she has a killer voice but this song is more than that. It is all about all the things that society tells us that we should be ashamed of and her point is that there is no reason to be ashamed of such trivial things. There's being annoyed, or sad but there is no reason to ever be ashamed about something that you can't change. It is also a really upbeat and fun song.

  1. Secrets
Artist three: Kodaline 

I was a little late on this small bandwagon as my two friends have been listening to Kodaline for about a year beforeI even bothered to start listening to their music. Which I regret. Their music is beautiful and there isn't a song that I don't love. You must at least listen to one of their songs but I would thoroughly recommend that you buy the album as it is all brilliant music and it really is a brilliant collection.


Marina is back! I have said before how much I love the artist Marina and the Diamonds and after an almost three year break she has returned and is releasing a new album soon! She also released the title track Froot last Friday and it shocked me a bit at first as it was like her old music. This one still have the same clever and sarcastic lyrics; however it feels a little more dancy. The opening demands me of that annoying Whitney H track. But I didn't need to be convinced to like it as it is a brilliant song even if it is a bit upbeat for me. Plus the lyrics are just very clever like all of her other songs. 

Link: Froot

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