Wednesday, 15 October 2014

September Faves

Now it is the season for colds, flu and rain and whilst I am huddled under a blanket with a box of tissues underhand I felt like I should tell you my favourites of the last month. I had a lot of things for my birthday but I obviously can't include them all so if you are wondering what I got for it here is the link.

Thing number one:

Bath (the place). I love it there and I am glad that I do as I would like to go there and study psychology – it is a big dream of mine! I went there with my geography trip and I fell in love with the place. It’s so organized, pretty and the people there are so interesting. I want to go back again and again and just spend my time walking along the cobbled streets and nipping into the little bookshops. It is lovely and I would recommend anyone to go there.  

Favourite number two:

Lush. Lush is lush. Everything about lush is lush. The smell, the products, the organic side - actually the only issue is the price but you can get 7-ish bath bombs for £17 pounds so it is not that bad. I have had so many baths in the last month that I am going to post a big post about it when I have finished my last lush purchase but here is a collection of all the ones that I have used. 

Item Number Three:

I love myself skirts but as the nights draw in I have realised that my skirts are a bit too summery so I had to go and purchase a few. I love online shopping and I saw these skirts on the New Look website and I loved them. For only £10 they were clearly a bargain and they were a little longer than my other ones which is good for the winter months. I bought one in the burgundy colour and one in the black and they really are wonderful. I have a rather large bottom in comparison with my wait so I normally have to buy bigger sizes which is a pain as the skirts/jeans then fall down - but not these! These are elastic which is brilliant for all you 'little-in-the-middle-but-you've-got-much-back' girls. The only issue that I have with them is that the get creased easily but that is to be expect with the material.

Skirt link: Skirt

Item number four:

I love washing things and anything that makes you feel good on the outside and the inside so these are this month’s body/beauty favourites!

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