Sunday, 5 October 2014

Ways To Feel Wonderful #1

To make yourself feel wonderful mentally try to make yourself feel wonderful physically. It's clean that I love myself baths and showers and body cream and face wash and body scrubs and body washes and stuff that is made to make your skin feel good and look good. Now, I normally say that my favourite body wash is one on the Soap and Glory ones or something like that but for my birthday I was given a big bottle of goodness a.k.a body wash from the Little Bubble Co. 

Whenever I go shopping in Waitrose I make sure I sniff all the different types. My favourite is by far the Vanilla Biscuit which is to die for. It is uplifting and the smell is strong but not over powering. I also got the Ginger Spiced Tart and although it is lovely I think that I prefer the Vanilla Biscuit. Using these makes me very happy and makes my bathroom smell like happiness and cooking. It’s delicious.

Another thing that makes me feel great is feeding the birds. Now, it’s never quite Mary Poppins style but it is something I love to do. I used to save up a load of my money to buy fat balls and seed and peanuts for the birds but I normally don’t do this in the summer. But now as the nights have become very cold and there is frost on the grass in the morning I have decided to start buying them again. This little thing always makes me feel like I am doing something for the environment and it puts me in a good mood for a bit.

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