Sunday, 9 November 2014

October Faves

October is done and dusted and now it really is time for the Christmas season to start. I am so excited. Here are my favourite beauty items from the past month. Enjoy!

 Bobby Pins! I normally only have two style of hair: down or in a ponytail; however recently I have been branching out and experimenting a bit more. So bobby bins are a must. The only issue is that they are so small and I lose BIG things easily so these are a nightmare. 

Yes I finally have the Clinique Sonic brush and I love it. I am obsessed with having a good skincare routine so this is a welcome item. 

 I have big lips and skin that drys very easily - especially in the colder months so this is very much needed. I am not actually the biggest fan of the flavoured of the Vaseline pots but I have come to love this one. Also they have just released a honey one which I am very excited to try.

 Quite a boring one I am afraid but these are a life saver. In my house as it is owned by the place that my dad works for, we aren't allowed to put things on walls or to mark them so bluetack is a bit of a nightmare. These still mark a bit but no where near as much as BlueTack does (also they're cheaper so what is not to like?)

 Volume in my hair is quite important to me and as I spent many years over-washing and damaging my hair it is quite lank and straight so salt spray is a new part of my hair routine. I do not like the style of this bottle but the product its self is rather wonderful.

Lush was obviously going to be in here somewhere.

 The Yog Nog soap is my favourite at the moment. It smells amazing and it makes my bathroom smell rather wonderful. It was something like £3.48 and it lasts for ages. I have used it everyday since I bought it over four weeks ago and I have only used roughly 1/5 of it. I must stock up for the go after Christmas.
When I went into Lush after they released their Christmas stuff a lady came up to me and told me that this was the product to buy. However I turned my nose up at it. Oh how I regret it. I bought this a few weeks ago and used it on my holiday in Norfolk. It made the bathroom smell so amazing and turned the bath water a blood red colour. It was so wonderful I think it may be my new favourite. 

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