Monday, 15 December 2014

Affordable Gift Ideas

So Christmas is nearly upon us and here commences the madness in shops and the panic stricken evenings when you are searching for an idea for a gift that is nice but also affordable. These are just a few of the best gifts that I think would be nice to give to your friends (depending on your price limit)

We all knew that it was coming. Lush is my favourite shop and I love so many items in it. Although some items can be quite expensive; however there are some very nice little bath bombs and ballistics that are brilliant and affordable for little gifts for friends. You may be stuck with the problem that your friend doesn't have a bath or hates them but don't forget that Lush have a large number of shower gels and face masks that are so brilliant and smell wonderful. If you are buying early for an event I wouldn't recommend getting the facemasks as they are fresh and have a 2-3 week shelf life. Also you may want to avoid softer soaps and if you do buy them you can pick up a nice container for the products. These can be refused and they keep the soap/bath bombs nice and safe.

Everyone seems to complain about socks but I love them. I love giving them and receiving them. These lovely bed socks are only £3 in Primark and they last a surprisingly long time.

I am currently wearing these pjs and yes, they're from Primark and yes, they were £7; however they are so very comfortable and the design is so cute. Honestly if someone bought these for me for a present I would hug them tightly and never let go.
 A Christmas book is a brilliant gift for Christmas. I got this last year from my parents and it was very good. I think my parents got it for me as John Green co-wrote it; however his story was not my favourite out of the three. Still, it's a great novel.
 Hand Gel:
These are great for school and having in your handbags. These are "2.50 from the bodyshop and the smell is lovely and they have quite a big selection. I'm not the biggest strawberry fan; however the coconut ones had run out so I'm going to have to go back at some point.
 Face Masks:

I would chose the Lush masks over these ones; however these lash longer, they last long, and the packaging is very modern and cute. Also it works which is the best thing. I am currently using it as I had a massive spot break out last week (it was terrible) and I don't know if it is just them going over time but they have really cleared up in the last few days. My only word of warning is that this product is not great for very very sensitive skin. My skin is quite sensitive and it is just on the edge of becoming irritable so don't get this one if you know that the person has sensitive skin. This product was £5 in Boots and I think it is currently on offer which is great as you can by the entire collection for less money. Or you could buy other things. It doesn't matter.
Boots do the best Christmas gift boxes in their Christmas section. These all have a range of items for different prices and they're with big brands like Soap and Glory and Benefit. It's just brilliant and I love getting gifts there. (Plus think of all those Boots points!)

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