Saturday, 27 December 2014

Christmas Lush Haul

I hope all your Christmases were wonderful and filled with a lot of joy and happiness. I was going to do a 'What I Got For Christmas' haul; however I realised that you probably don't want to see everything I got so I will probably stagger it out. Also I did get other items from Bomb Cosmetics but they didn't focus well on my (new) camera so I thought that I would do a review of them later. I am very excited to finally get to use them! Also I am sorry if some of these photos are focused in a weird way I have quite explored everything on my camera and I am finding part of it quite confusing. 

Also, Lush have a sale where it is half price on all their Christmas things which isn't the bet deal they have. I popped in today to see if I could stock up on some Lord Of Misrules but they had none left (damn) so I'll have to try again. Out of these I paid for three of them. The rest were presents that I am truly thankful for.

This is the Yuzu and Cocoa Bubbleroom which is a product that I haven't really used before. I got the rose one free; however I don't really like the smell of rose so I don't know if that swayed my opinion on it. However this one smells lovey and it get be easily split into two so it is perfect for two baths.

This is The Shoot For The Stars bath bomb. This was a Christmas special and I have never used it before so I have nothing really to say about it. I would link it but the Christmas stuff is limited to just stores now. I didn't see any in my local today so I am hoping I don't fall in love with it and have to wait an entire year before it is on sale again.

I don't like the look of this one - Lush Golden Wonder Bath Bomb as I am not a fan of glitter products and as you can see - this is very glittery. I think it is the most sold Lush item though and as it was half price I thought that I would give it a go. I just hope it doesn't coat everything in glitter. 

I think that this is my favourite Lush Bath Bomb - The Lord of Misrule. It turns the bath a lovely red colour and it smells divine. I am so sad that I can no longer get it in stores. It isn't glittery - I think my golden glittery one 

I have used The Luxury Lush Pud before and it is okay. Just okay. I like the colours and I like how there are little bits of glitter in it but it isn't brilliant. It didn't ow me like Lord of Misrule did. However this is my third one so I do like it it just isn't a product that I would insist people must try out. 

Ah the Tisty Tosty - an all year round product. This is one I got for Christmas and it isn't my favourite by far. My friend got it for my birthday and it is rose scented. As I have said before, I am not the biggest fan of rose scented things. However this is subtle so it isn't too bad. My issue is the rose petals in this product - I find they get all mushy when wet and they stick to your skin easily. Ah well, i'll just pick the flowers out - I am sure it'll be fine. 

Lush Christmas Eve bubble bar is something I bought today. This isn't the most flattering photo of it; however as they are hand made it doesn't look like it does on the website. I don't mind in the slightest. It smells lovely and I think I will get two baths out of it.

I love, love, love this bathbomb and I am determined to save it for a long time. It is an unusual shape and if you would like more about it please read this blogpost. 
This is the So White bathbomb and I have got it before and all I can remember about it is that as it is so big it take an age for it to dissolve into the water. Also I think it turns the water pink. It does smell lovely though and I was very tempted to buy the body wash before I realeased that I have roughly six bottles of unopened body washes. I'll have to wait until next year.

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