Thursday, 1 January 2015

2014 Favourites

Well now that 2014 is finally over it is time for the predictable '2014 Favourites' post - this is exactly what this post is. These are my beauty related favourites as I plan to do separate posts for other things like my favourite books. In the last year I have a tried a number of new products and have come to love a bigger range of items. These are not all of my favourites for I had to cut down the amount by almost half as it was way too long! (Maybe I will do part two later on).  Also, again I am sorry if they are not completely in focus as I am still trying to get to grips with my new camera.

2014 was the year where I decided that my hair was far from healthy. At that moment I changed my hair washing routine (wash hair every other day and only shampoo it once.) and I stopped straightening my hair. My hair still remains very notty; however it is obviously a lot healthier as it has a lot more (natural) volume and it doesn't get greasy as quickly. This product has really helped on my in-between days - I love all of the range I have tried and I find they last a long time. (Also they're on offer a lot in Boots so I constantly have a mini supply in my room.) BATISTE DRY SHAMPOO

This is an item that I got as a gift quite recently but it is brilliant. The reason I don't wear nail polish is because it takes so long to take off but this little pot of joy means that it can be remove in seconds. All you have to do it put your nail into the sponge, twist you finger a bit and remove. The only thing I want to point out is that it still doesn't smell great; however for £5ish it is a must have. 

Origins is quite an expensive brand but this product is worth it, it is one of those face masks that you can actually feel working. The only issue (other than the price) that I can think of is that it is messy as anything. I recommend using this in the bath or before getting into the shower because it leaves black everywhere. CLEAR IMPROVEMENT MASK 

Clean & Clear IS one of favourite skincare brand as my all time favourite facewash IS their Blackhead Clearing Daily Scrub which I didn't include as it is something I have been using for years. Prior to purchasing this item I had never used a cleanser before and this was a great one to start with. I like to use this after removing my makeup and then I apply a little to a cottom pad and wipe over my face. I also thing that it has really helped my skin and it is a product I know I will purchase again and again. BLACKHEAD CLEARING CLEANSER

My Clinique Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush was a star this year. My dad got it for me and my mum in America as it is a lot cheaper there in comparison to the price over here. I love how it is very gentle on the skin and you only use it for a minute before washing it off. One problem that has occur is that it can spray a little. This mayn't be a problem for you; however I am very short sighted and I have to stand quite close to the mirror so I can see that I am evenly covering my face. There doesn't seem like there is a way for me to avoid it; however the benefits that this product does for my skin are worth giving the mirror a little wipe. SONIC SYSTEM PURIFYING BUSH

This came in a box set from Benefit - another gift from America. This mascara is brilliant if you want volume but not amazing if you want fullness so I normally use a bit of eyeliner to short that out. This product is expensive though and I would say that I prefer the Soap and Glory Thick and Fast mascara which is considerably cheaper. However this product feels light on your lashes and it doesn't smudge as much as the Soap and Glory one. THEY'RE REAL

This is arguably my product of the year. I use it everyday - even when I have no spots to cover as it has a heavy duty under eye concealer as well. It also has a translucent powder which I normally use on my nose or on spots if I am having a truly terrible breakout. In my opinion this concealer is worth every penny.  KICK ASS CONCEALER

I bought this off Amazon earlier in the year to use on my face as I have some terrible acne scars on my forehead. This product is cheap, lasts a long time as it is not a thick cream and it smells great. If you suffer from acne scars or redness I would recommend this is a second. I don't think you can get this in Boots though and also it can make the skin feel a bit oily so I would let it be absorbed into your skin before going to bed or putting makeup on. RE-GEN CREAM

A couple of weeks ago I was a very hands on person when it came to applying foundation and although this worked okay it did mean that I had to reapply some concealer because I has wiped it off. It also meant that it wouldn't blend very well. This product has made such a difference. I have no other brushes to compare this to but I am kicking myself for not purchasing this product sooner. REAL TECHNIQUES BRUSH 

My favourite product this year is actually a brand. Yes, you've guessed it - Lush. I spend a fortune in there and I find that 99% of the products are worth the small fortune you have to pay. I haven't used their facemasks or any of their makeup but all of their bodywashes, bathbombs (ect) and soaps constantly fill up my bathroom. My favourite Lush product this year has been The Lord of Misrule but they were a limited edition and I only have one left! I am always looking for recommendations for products to purchase and if you would like my suggestions on bathbombs ect I am always happy to assist. LUSH

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