Thursday, 8 January 2015

Golden Wonder Review

Today I went to the gym (I am also surprised) and when I returned I was all achy and dying for a bath. I was going to use the Tisty Tosty bathbomb and save this one but I was certain that this would be the one I enjoy the least due to the glitter. Also I wanted it out of my Lush box as the golden glitter gets everywhere. Everywhere. So I decided to give this ago. Golden Wonder contains a mixture of Lime Oil, Sweet Orange Oil, Cognac Oil and Gardenia Extract which was perfect for an after gym relax. However the smell itself wasn't very strong which may be good for some but I am a fan of in your face smells.

I expected this to turn the water a golden colorful but instead it turned it a lovely turquoise with little golden stars floating around it. It didn't take very long to fizz away (thank goodness, I hate the slow fizzers). The stars did stick to me a bit and there was a thin layer of glitter on the top of the water which is on my skin. This annoys me a little but there isn't a enough of it to make me dislike the product.
Overall I like this bath bomb but I don't think it compares to Lord to Misrule or The Northern Lights bath bomb. Still I may repurchase it next Christmas but it isn't a product that I am looking forward to repurchasing, instead I will probably just get it to have to whole Lush Christmas experience. 

Now you can treat yourself to some photos of this product.

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