Wednesday, 7 January 2015

My Favourite Soap and Glory Items

I have said before that the Kick Ass Concealer is my favourite concealer(that I have used).The packaging stands out and is so simple yet gorgeous. The heavy-duty and the normal concealer are brilliant and quite long lasting. The power I don't use very much - the only time I really use it is as something to put on my nose etc to stop shine.

 Soap & Glorys bestseller 'The Righteous Butter' is not my favourite but I think it is a very good moisturiser the smell is just a bit dull. However this butter Yourself is gorgeous and the smell lasts quite a while. I love everything about this and it lasts forever as the tub is quite big. 

The smell of this is not the strongest smelling hand cream but it makes my hands feel so soft and smooth which is great for the winter. The tube of this is massive so I think it will last forever. But the downside of the size is that it is not very portable and won't slip in my handbag. I do have little ones I can use though but I prefer this one over my Hand Food one.

 I've been a bit naughty here as this isn't actually my favourite scrub. I do love this but I always think it smells a bit bleachy or something is a bit off. My favourite scrub is their Breakfast Scrub as it smells divine and does the same as this scrub. The scrub its self is great for a deep clean; however it is a bit harsh so I wouldn't recommend this to be used on sensitive or broken skin.

Face cloths are something I used too much as they aren't very good at cleaning your skin, instead they just remove a layer of dirt. Also I have used the YesTo range but it irritates my skin - these ones don't and they smell great (nearly all the S&G stuff does - lets be honest). They haven't improved my skin but they are very good at removing makeup .

I know a lot of beauty bloggers don't actually like this mascara but I do. It is not great for volume but I find that it is very good for fullness. With this I don't need to wear eyeliner to make me look like I have nice eyelashes. 

This is a new one for me but it smells so much like a smoothie and it is great for shaving. The bottle is big so it will (hopefully) last me a while but even if it doesb't I will definatly be buying this again. The smell lingers and I have been complimented many a time on how great I smell. (Thanks Soap and Glory!)

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