Monday, 16 February 2015

Benefit They're Real Push Up Liner Review

I rarely wear eye liner as it is a constant reminder of my 'emo phase' - an unfortunate event that happened three years ago that included bad makeup, skin, music taste and clothes. However the one good thing to come out that year was I became very good at applying winged eyeliner and this is a skill that I still use today. Now remember - I am good at the 'emo' eye liner so thicker and it isn't something I would wear now so I haven't had much practice at making it thinner and nicer to wear. I have been trying to learn how to do it thinner so I can wear it out and for it to look okay. I am making progress with this; however it is still a little thick.

My dad bought me this eye liner when he went to New York as Benefit is a lot cheaper over there. I was quite excited about this as I had wanted to try it for a while. When I got it I did try and use it but I found it required a lot more time to apply than other eyeliner so I stopped using it. Then, yesterday, I decided to give it another shot and then to write a review about the product as I was not happy.

I hate this eyeliner. 

Well maybe not 'hate it' as it does work, but it is very frustrating to use, I wouldn't recommend it to anyone nor would I purchase it again. I did have high expectations when I used it as I am in love with the 'They're Real Mascara' and as this is the supporting eye liner I thought it would be brilliant and on par with other Benefit products. But it wasn't. 

I ran into a problem straight away as I found it very hard to get the eye liner onto the tip to apply it. I had to squeeze the rubber a bit and thus too much came out. After about five minutes of huffing and puffing whilst trying to work out how to get the right amount on the end I gave up and just decided to use it as it was. When I  did the wing I was okay with it, it only took one attempt and the line was fairly thin - which is good as I was only doing the outline. Then came the attempt to draw above the lash line. This was an awful experience. The eye liner came out in clumps and it was so hard to join them up. It was so frustrating I just did half of it instead of carrying further down. 

Next I tried to fill in the wing. Can you guess how this went? If you guessed rubbishly you are 100% correct. It came off in clumps and these went in my eyelashes causing them to all stick together. Then I found it impossible to get a thick enough - the wing was very patchy and not black enough - so after about ten minutes and desperately trying to make it look acceptable I gave up. 

As you can see it looks rubbish and not in focus - this is because I didn't have my glasses on so I can't actually see on my view finder whether it is in focus or not. I just have to guess and I am normally just disappointed. I tried to put it above my water line but nothing happened so I just used my (fabulous) mascara to fill it out a bit. 

I was going to finish this post here; however I went to go and take it off and it is pretty hard stuff to remove. I used make up remover and it wouldn't budge so I resorted to my cleanser and this smudged it a bit. It took a good few minutes of painful rubbing to make any progress. After a bit I decided that it wasn't worth hurting my eye to get it off so I currently have black smudges all around my right eye.

I am not saying that this product is a complete waste of money - if you swear by it I would love to know your tips on how to use it (and how to get it off). But for now I am just going to put it away and let my poor eye recover from what I just put it through.

Rating: 4/10
Recommend: Not unless you're a makeup genius with the toughest of makeup remover
Worth the money: Hell no.

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