Saturday, 7 February 2015

Floating Flower and Unicorn Horn Lush Review

I bought the floating Flower a while ago but the smell put me off using it. I found it caught in the back of my throat and the powder got up my nose and all over my fingers. The only reason I decided to use this bath bomb was to get rid of it because it was filling up my lush box and covering everything it a pink powder. My first impressions were not good. 

Then I used the product and everything changed. Don't get me wrong, this isn't my favourite product by far - it simply doesn't compare to bath bombs like Lord of Misrule and Northern Lights; however it is surprisingly pleasing. It is a bit of a slow fizzer; however for once I saw the advantage of this. Normally I don't save bath bombs for two uses, I do with the bubble bars (obviously) but never before have I done it with a bath bomb. Normally I don't save them because I find that they are too big to store away until next time but the shape of this one allowed my to put it in the corner of my bathroom until next time. Although this bath bomb isn't meant for two uses I don't think you need all of it for one. It turns the bath a lovely pink colour and the smell is strong but not that strong (good). Have half of this bath bomb with some bubbles from the unicorn horn and you're sorted for a lovely evening bath.

 I also managed to get my hands on the last Unicorn Horn bubble bar and I was very pleased with myself. The product its self is very ascetically pleasing but it didn't wow me when I used it. The bubbles aren't that glittery nor do they last that long. You get a lot of bubbles with it but after 25 minutes your bath will be just dotted with a few clumps of semi-glittery clouds. I do think that they last a lot longer than the bubblerooms though. The smell also isn't that strong and I think that I preferred the Chirstmas bubble bars a lot more. Still it was good, I am probably just very hard to impress and I do think I'd buy it again because look how pretty it is.

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