Monday, 16 February 2015

Lush Haul

I went shopping yesterday and popped into Lush determined to try some new products. I didn't purchase as many as I planned to - the Lush shop near me is exceptionally small as the amount of people in there was a bit overwhelming. Also I tried one of the breath fresheners - big mistake. The majority of these products are permanent so you can pick it up at any time, anywhere!

 The Honey Bee bath bomb. This is meant to smell like honey, aloe vera and something called rhassoul mud which is apparently a clay found near the Atlas mountains. An interesting combination. This bath bomb isn't one of their 'wow' ones but it is meant to be very good for your skin so I am excited to use it.

This is the Amandopondo bubble bar and I have no idea why I bought it. It smells like rose. I don't like rose. It was rather a silly thing for me to buy but I will use it. The lady in the shop told me that this was her favourite bubble bar and it produced a lot of bubbles and she did say the smell wasn't too strong. Damn those Lush assistants who are good at their job! I think that this bubble bar can be used for two baths so it is quite a good deal for £2.75. 

I've had this before and I love it. It's a no thrills, no surprises bath bomb but I find that the strong smell of bergamot and frankincense is brilliant to help me calm down after a day of anxiety and the smell lingers which is an added bonus. Blackberry Bath Bomb.

More rose? Emily what is wrong with you?! Well this one I can justify - it is one of the limited edition mothers day range and I ant to try it out to see if my mum would like. You have to try things out like this for my mum as she isn't one for fuss but she definitely  all about the rose. This one apparently has roses and pink in the center but that was the best the shop assistant should explain it to me. She did say it's perfect for a rose lover - uh oh. The Rose Bombshell.

I am so excited for this one. I have seen photos of this on Instagram and it looks like a crazy little bath party. This is called Secret Garden or something but it isn't on the website! I have no idea why not because it seems to be in all the shops - maybe it's just a shop exclusive but it seems strange. It also makes it hard for me to comment on the ingredients as having new used it before I can't give you a break down of the product. I'll have to update you about this one when I've used it.

I think Granny Takes a Dip is one of the most famous Lush products and it is one I have never used before. It is very fragile and you have to be careful when storing it as I have heard that the things pop off. It is a bit dusty (as you may be able to see due to the state of my bathroom! I am quite excited to use this and confused to why I haven't bought it before. It's smell isn't too strong and I think that it is more of a 'party' bath than a bath bomb that will work miracles for your skin - like Avobath.

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