Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Three Essential Beauty Products

this is a very nerve racking post for me as I have never ever done one like this before. I have already accepted that it will be terrible; however I am okay with that as, at it is my first attempt, I see this as a perfect learning experience. All blogs have to start somewhere - yes?

This post is about my three essential beauty products. I can live without eyeliner, blusher, eye shadow etc. however these are the three that I take everywhere with me (overnight). Technically this is a three beauty products and two brushes post; however I feel that brushes are not necessarily needed to do makeup. Sure they help but it isn't like you can't apply foundation without one. This is actually my everyday make up routine (if I am feeling lazy) and I normally wear this to school or if I am just popping out. 

First Product: Foundation

I normally used two different foundations throughout the year. One of these is this: The Rimmel Match Perfection and the other one is the Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation. I use the Match one in the winter as I think that it paler so it means that it fits my pale completion better and Wake Me Up means that when I have a slight tan in the summer it suits me better. I have bought other foundations - expensive and cheaper- and these two really are the best. If you have really oily skin maybe go for a more mat one or use a powder. 

 Next I pump two or three pumps on my hand. I use two if I don't need much coverage and three if my skin is bad. I used to not do it this way and instead I would apply the liquid foundation to my face: one pump on each cheek and two on the forehead. I did realise at the time at how much of a waste of make up this was - it did the job but this method has the same amount of coverage.

This is my favourite brush. I love it, it is soft, easy to use and cheap. This is my favourite brush to use for foundation - I have used the foundation brush but I just feel that this does a better job at blending out my liquid foundation. I may change my mind in the future; however that's just how I feel at the moment.

Next I apply this all over my face, building up when needed. (so for the state of my eye brows - a pluck is way over due!). Never forget to do your eyelids if you are not using eye shadow as it then means that you can awful 'tide' lines around your eye. If you are using eye shadow and you don't have primer with you this is a very good alternative. 

 It's concealer time. I need to use concealer quite a bit; however I always try to avoid it when I can. I just love this packaging and I think that is one of the reasons that I love this product - there are probably better concealers for a lot cheaper but I find that this is perfect for travelling so that's the reason I buy it so often. 

On the right is the concealer for your spots and stuff and on the right it's the under eye concealer. One point I have to make with this product is that the concealer isn't actually part of the plastic - instead they are in those annoying cheap metal tins so they can become quite loose. This is so annoying when this happens and it one of the things that I desperately want changed.

I use then use an eye shadow brush (not one that I use for eye shadow!) and apply to areas that need covering. I used to use my fingers to apply this; however I would always recommend that you use a brush as using your fingers can spread really bad bacteria into spots and they will just get worse. Also never press two hard with this brush and don't try and blend it in with this. This is unlikely to work very well. 

Next I apply the darker one around the eyes using a different eye shadow brush (to minimize the spread of germs.) Then I use my facial brush to blend in all the concealer. I find that in areas where you may have a cluster of spots and easier way to fully blend in the concealer is to push down slightly and spread it gently around the area. Not two hard though as you don't want to spread the spots. 

Next it is mascara time - this is my pick at the moment as I am going for more volume and less fullness. This one is perfect for it and it is one of those ones that just feels nice when you are applying it. It is expensive though but so worth it. I will do a before and after pick - I do have done eye liner on my lash line but this is because I was experimenting with the eyeliner from Benefit it is very hard to get off the lash line. (And yes I did remove the mascara above my eye).

And here we have it. I am terribly sorry that I wasn't looking at the camera - ironically I was actually trying to look at the camera; however I was also trying to see if it was in focus ( I haven't got my glasses on so it was very hard to do).

I find that this combination of three products is perfect for the very basic make up, school and when you're first starting with make up. Also I hope you enjoyed this slightly different type of post and I enjoyed making it so maybe I will post some more?

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