Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Which blogs am I reading?

I read quite a few blogs am everyday I check my Bloglovin feed. I would love to follow people on blogger but if I am honest I have no idea how! I also don't understand how people have managed to follow me on here as it is so confusing. Anyway, if you don't know Bloglovin is a lovely way to track your favourite blogs and a fantastic way to discover new ones. Some of the bloggers I am going to mention you may have already heard of and others not. My aim for this post is to inspire my readers to discover other blogs and to gain these people new readers.

1. The Lilac Scrapbook. 

This blog is written by a 19 year old woman called Katy Gilroy who is studying creative writing in university. Her blog is blend of personal posts, life style and little reviews of other products. I don't think she is a very big blogger and she deserves more attention. 

2.The Sunday Girl

I know nothing about the writer of this blog personally - I couldn't even tell you her name! She posts reviews of products and it is a product review based blog. There aren't any life style posts; however it is a great blog as she reviews high end products and things you can pick up in your local Boots. All of her reviews are detailed and they have convinced me to buy some products and shown me which to avoid. 

3. Keep Dreaming

This blog is run by an Irish blogger called Jordan. Her blog posts are very relatable as the majority of them are great first impressions and detailed reviews of products you can pick up anywhere. I love her product reviews and I enjoy her posts when they are about a lot of products - you#ll see what I mean when you look at her blog

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