Saturday, 14 March 2015

Another Lush Haul

This little cute one is a bath ballistic and it is £2.95. I actually bought two of these as I used it the other day and it was rather bloomin' lovely (see what I did there?) This bath ballistic smells like flowers and yes I am not the biggest fan of the smell of flowers but this one is just so pretty it is worth it. It does have a Marigold bug in the middle if you have irritations to this like that. I do think that this may be going out of shops tomorrow as it is for mothers day so if you have a chance to grab one today it is worth it. SECRET GARDEN 

This is a bit of a no-frills bath bomb as it isn't anything special with glitter/flowers/ hidden colours - instead it is amazing for your skin and, although the smell is a bit much at first, when you use it the first time you'll realise just how nice the smell is. This bath bomb is an all year round product and is perfect to have at night to calm you down before you go to bed. I love it. AVOBATH

This one smells exactly like Snowfairy and Mmmmelting Marshmallow Moment. This is part of the Easter and I can image that it is exactly like the Think Pink bathbomb. It's quite small but very cute and I can imagine that if you want to pick up a gift for any younger children this would be perfect as it smells so sweet and I can't see any glitter on it. FLUFFY EGG

Sakura is one of the classic Lush Bathbombs; however I have never actually used it before. I am not the biggest fan of its sent - to me it smells quite soapy and I don't really like that; however saying that I always say that I hate the smell of rose products and I have liked the last few Lush ones I have used. I have not got any high expectations of this product but I am looking forward to trying it out. SAKURA

Another classic Lush product and another one that I have never used before. I do know about this one and I know that it has seaweed in. This could go horribly wrong as the other day I had an allergic reaction to a face mask with seaweed in but prior to that I had never had a reaction so I am just being a bit cautious. Everyone loves this one though so I have high hopes. BIG BLUE 

Ohmy look at this bath bomb. IT is part of the Easter range and it is covered in glitter. It is also very soft which is strange for a bath bomb - when I hold it I can actually feel it melting in my fingers. I'd say that as this is so glitter laden to not let children use it as it could very easily irritate their skin. It smells divine though and I am super super excited to use it. GOLDEN EGG

 This as one of those till impulse buys. It is only a small taster and it only cost a pound but it is their charity pot so I don't mind if I don't like it. The charity that my nearest Lush store is giving money to is a local LGBT charity so I was pretty happy to be helping them 0 also the shop assistants were wearing some wonderful makeup to promote the pot.

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