Saturday, 2 May 2015

Building an Adult

This segment may be aimed a little bit more towards my tween/teenage readers. 

I never wanted my blog to be solely about makeup and reviews - I wanted it to be a little bit deeper. now that isn't to say that blogs that are only about day-to-day things and make up and Lush or whatever aren't good enough because they are and I love reading them. However this constant reviewing wasn't exactly my plan for this blog - I wanted it to be reviews with a little sprinkle of deep stuff and I have lost that sprinkle. 

So that introduces a segment that I want to start: Building an Adult. I am not a woman (phew - not quite ready for that) but obviously (almost) ever day I am having new experiences that will eventually lead me straight into adulthood. I want to share some of my experiences of being a young adult with my younger readers (and older - some of these probably are going to be at least a little entertaining) stories and tips that I have had to make this very bumpy roller-coaster at least a little bit smoother. 

And so I will now go off and write my first segment.

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