Monday, 29 June 2015

Lush: #Gayisokay

As you may (or may not) know Lush has launched a campaign called #Gayisok. It is making a stand about how in 76 countries being gay is still illegal and in 10 of them being gay is punishable by death. Lush is raising awareness about this by selling this soap with links to the charity All Out. You can read more about why Lush is doing this campaign here.

I went to Poole today with my sister and my dad and was able to visit the original Lush store. Here I was able to pick up some of the new items (such as the yoga bomb) but what excited me the most was the fact this this beautiful soap was available. I have passed a number of Lush stores in the last few days and every time I have nipped in this soap was all sold out! Today was my lucky day though and I bought this straight away. 

This soap comes in one size so you can not chose the amount that you pay for it. Each slice is four pounds and I'd say that you get slightly less for four pounds that other soaps. This soap is very glittery (as you can probably see) and when run underwater the glitter runs off over your hands - thankfully the glitter pieces aren't too big so you're going to have to have a lot on your hands or standing in bright sunlight for anyone to notice the glitter sticking to your fingers. This I particularly like because I am not a massive fan of glittery things - also I worry that it will irritate my skin but this doesn't. I promise you.

This smells like the Fizzbanger bathbomb so full of citrus oils like lemongrass and bergamot oil and Sicilian lemon oil. It smells a bit strong it the bar form but smells lovely on the skin - subtle but definitely there. I would (and will) use this in the shower and as just a hand soap - I would put it everywhere (if I had the money) and force everyone to use it. I love it. 

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