Wednesday, 8 July 2015

It's a Big World: Durham

I want to go to more places. I love travelling but I never have enough money or time to go anywhere so I am hoping that this segment on my blog will encourage me to visit more places - I am not going abroad this year but I want to visit places within the UK and share my experiences there. So for the last six days I went to Durham to help my sister move into her University house. During this time we visited a few cafes and restaurants that are great for people on a tight budget.


Saddlers do drinks like milkshakes; however as we went for brunch and it was quite hot I wanted a lemonade. These lemonades, despite being in a can, are lovely and they also serve them ice cold. If you see these in a shop and you are debating whether to buy them or not just do it. I think it is my favourite brand of lemonade.

This was my pancake and it cost around £5. They have a large selection of different pancakes but I really wanted one with bacon. They did get a bit heavy after awhile and I didn't manage to finish it but they are so worth the price. If you aren't a fan of maple syrup do not get this one and it is covered in 'lashes' of syrup. My sister goes here regularly and says this is her least favourite pancake stack and it was amazing (so imagine what the others are like!).

My sister went for the Full English and this photo doesn't give justice to how big it is. This was more expensive than the pancakes for it cost over £6 but it was one of the biggest English breakfasts I have ever seen (it even comes with hash browns!). There is a large selection of breakfast items and they are served all day (things like poached eggs etc.) and I wish we had been able to go again to sample more of the pancake menu!

Waffley Good Company:

This place is small but so cute. It is upstairs and it doesn't even have a kitchen but everything is fresh and you can stand by the woman and watch her make your waffles. I am not a very waffley person so I wasn't really looking forward to going here but as soon as I began to eat my waffle everything changed. There are so many lovely touches to this place - the Cath Kidston table cloths, free water jugs and the menu printed on the wall. Also there is a lot of choice - breakfast, savoury, super sweet and so on. The price is around £5 per waffle but they are massive and you will almost burst after eating one. I think that, if you are on a tight budget - it is perfect for brunch. Be warned though: she only accepts cash - we saw many customers have to do a quick run to the cash point to get money out!

This was my sisters waffle and she claims it is ''her staple'. I find chocolate a bit heavy going for breakfast though but if you are a fan of all things sweet I would recommend this - after all is there a better combination that chocolate and strawberries?

And this was my one - covered in fresh fruit and yogurt. It was superb. I expected just some canned fruit or maybe a banana and some grapes or something but not a whole banana, plenty of strawberries and a large handful of blueberries. It was brilliant and so filling - I want to eat it again and again.

I think out of all the places we visited (many not mentioned on this post) this one was my favourite. It just had a great atmosphere and served great food - this is the place I would tell everyone to come to if visiting Durham.

Flat White:

This is a coffee shop, a very small coffee shop that is always packed full of people. It serves sandwiches and cake (that looked fantastic) but by this time I was very low on cash by this point so I could only by one drink. I wish I had more photos of the inside because it is Instagram heaven but it didn't feel like the place to take loads of photographs so you are limited to those two. 

This was my iced latte which was lovely; however a bit on the small side. It cost £2.65 and the first thing I noticed was the size of it and, as it had ice cubes in, I felt like it was a bit of a rip off. It was lovely and not too expensive as it would have been more in London or something; however I just felt a bit sad about spending that amount of money on less than a cup full of latte. However, my sister ordered a frappe and it was large and very nice, also the girl next to us ordered a hot chocolate and this was also massive and looked great. I just think that you end up paying more for the atmosphere and that the drink isn't actually worth that much money.

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