Monday, 27 July 2015

The Battle of the Face Washes

I was asked by a friend of mine about what face wash she should buy as she had a limit of £5 but badly wanted/needed some face tlc. I am a fan of more expensive face washes as I think that skincare is something you should spend a lot of money on (only if you can!). However that is not to say that you have to blow all of your budget to get a good face wash. Here are the three face washes that I have used or I am using. 

Ah Simple. This is a brilliant brand, one that I have been using since I was around 10 and although not all their products work for me you can guarantee that there will be at least one Simple product in my cupboard. This face wash retails for £3.75 in Boots and I think it is sold in pretty much every major supermarket.  This face wash has very little perfume so it is perfect for sensitive skin and it does leave your skin very soft; however if you suffer with pretty bad acne I would say that this face wash is not the one for you. It has never broken me out but it does not do much for me when preventing spots. It worked wonders when I was between the age of 10-13 (so when I first began getting spots) and it is working very well for my 12 year old brother but it is not one that I go and buy anymore. 

This is the face wash that I am using at the moment and I love it. I do like using tea-tree products as they feel like they are working and they are good at reducing the appearance of scars; however before now a lot of other tea tree products have caused me to have a breakout - not this one! This is the type of face wash that feels like it is working on your skin and there was a noticeable difference in how many spots that I was having in about a week. The issue I have is the bottle, it is quite hard to measure the amount of face wash you pour onto your hand so it lasts less time than other face washes. I still love it though and I plan on buy more of the range. This face wash is £5 in The Body Shop.  

If you go way back on my blog you will see that I was Clean & Clear's biggest fan, especially for their Daily Scrub; however I have changed my mind. I do like Clean & Clear but I have decided to never use mirco-beads on my skin again. Not only do they irritate skin and cause breakouts, they are also very bad for the environment (I will leave some links at the bottom if you want to read more into this). Why are they bad for your skin? Well they are plastic and rubbing them into pours may remove some dead skin but it ill also tear up your healthy skin. This means that there can be a build up in oil at this site and cause spots. Imagine rubbing plastic sand on your face and that will give you some idea on the extent of the damage they cause. This problem has got so bad that some states have begun banning the use of them. 

If you want a scrub try and use a natural salt of sugar one but try and avoid daily washes with them in. It is unnecessary to put your skin under so much stress and damage it by repeated usage. So I am not going to recommend this product but I encourage you to look at Clean & Clear products that do not contain these beads. 



  1. Body shop's tea tree rang is my holy grail. It's the only range that sorts my skin out. I just love it!

    1. I know! Isn't it awesome? What's your favourite product?