Saturday, 22 August 2015

Music Monthly

I am so sorry that I have been so MIA over the last few weeks - it has been a hellish time surrounded with boxes and GCSE results but finally now everyone has begun to calm down and I finally have time to sit down and write again (yay!).

It has been about two months since I wrote my last Music Monthly so I thought that is was about time for a new one. A lot of these songs have been discovered by one of the latest Spotify service - Discover Weekly which I eagerly await every Monday. If you haven't listened to it yet I would suggest that you take a look - it really is a good update!

Artist One: Hudson Taylor

I found this band after clicking on their song 'Chasing Rubies' accidentally and I am very glad that I did. Since then I have fallen in love with two of their other songs - Battles and Care. I listen to them all the time; however I do prefer the versions that aren't on their album 'Singing for Strangers' (or the ones that aren't on the Spotify album!) My only issue with Hudson Taylor is that after a while their songs begin to sound quite similar so I like to break them up by adding them to a playlist. 


Artist Two: Novo Amor

Novo Amor (also know as Ali Lacy) is a Welsh artist who produces some of the most beautiful and moving pieces of music that I have heard. It is all very Bon Iver and I LOVE Bon Iver. He doesn't have very many songs out at the moment but the ones that have been released are so wonderful. My favourite ones are Weather, Welcome to the Jungle and Callow. His music is the type of music that you lie down and cry whilst listening to it. It is also the type of music that is perfect for moody car rides in the rain. 

Welcome to the Jungle

Song One: The World Should Revolve Around Me: Little Jackie

This song is a really good feel good song (you may need it after listening to Novo Amor!) and I think it is perfect to help get over someone. The lyrics are clever and funny and every time I listen to it it just makes me smile. I haven't explored Little Jackie's other songs yet but if this song is anything to go by she is B.R.I.L.L.I.A.NT. It is a bit sweary at times though so if you don't like songs like that then maybe this one isn't for you.


Song Two: Freaks: The Hawk in Paris

I recently went through a massive Pretty Little Liars phase and managed to watch all six seasons in a record amount of time. This song is from one of my favourite scenes which I would explain but I wouldn't want to ruin it for someone who is still catching up. It is a strange song but it is just a song that you can turn up really loud and it makes you feel like you can do anything (I listened to it whilst playing Candy Crush and I completed four levels straight so that proves that this is a power song). Don't expect complicated lyrics like the ones in the song above, I think it just repeats about two verses but it is a brilliant song that you must listen to!


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