Friday, 28 August 2015

My Summer In Pictures

Well summer is almost over - hasn't it flown by? I wanted to share my summer in photos like I did last year; however as I moved house to Dorset I do not have that many but I have chose a select few for you to browse. I won't go into too much detail about each photo - I want you to enjoy the pictures not the text! But if you have any questions about where/what the photos are about feel free to ask!

Here's to summer 2015!

Summer butterflies in Dorset

A very tired, messy Emily devouring a Pizza Express after a 6 hour train journey to Durham.

My first American pancakes

Best breakfast ever?

A very windswept photo of my sister who was rowing on the river in Durham - shortly after this I took over rowing and nearly killed us both! 

A Custard Cake that I made for my dad's 50th birthday. It was fantastic.

Three of my closest friends enjoying the view in Portsmouth after a day at the beach.

My closest friend swinging her heart out after a very wet and cold picnic in the woods.

Cute coffee shops and me are the perfect couple.

A day out with the family visiting the umpteen National Trust house this summer.

A striking sunset on the M4 on the way to Wales.

A perfect Eton Mess.

Me and my sister, in another National Trust house - but look I chopped my hair off!

Bird watching in rainy Wales

A seagull trying to show off the on lookers in Mumbles - Wales

Although my friends aren't exactly Nigella the love and effort that they put into this cake almost brought me to tears. (It did have a Welsh dragon on the icing but there was a table disaster!)

My families first day in Dorset - we weren't all jumping for joy like my brother!

The river that runs past my house - otters are a common sighting.

Windswept Jurassic Coast

This is in the local supermarkets carpark! (We are spoilt here in Dorset!)

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