Monday, 26 October 2015

Current Lush Favourites

So, in my absence I have moved house twice and started a new school - I have had very few opportunities to go shopping; however I have managed to accumulate a small number of items over the weeks and some of these have quickly become some of my favourite Lush items. 

Oh this face mask. One day I had been running around Southampton with my best friend and we popped into Lush as she needed a new soap. I told myself that I would not buy a single thing but after staring at the almost-empty ice bath (where they keep the fresh face masks) I decided that I would try the Mask of Magnaminty. Previously I had shied away from it as it is 'self preserving' and for some reason I thought this meant it was not as good for you. 

This mask is something else. It has small evening primrose seeds in that act as a natural exfoliator and the peppermint oil just wakes your skin up and leave you feeling refreshed. Another brilliant thing about this is the price - yes it is still quite pricey but as it keeps a lot longer and they sell them in bigger sizes that the fresh face mask, it really is good value for money! Next time I go into lush I am going to buy the 315g one because it is just so good! LINK

This is not actually a product that I have bought recently but it is one that re-emerged when we were unpacking and I love it. It is not the most interesting of Lush products - there are no sparkles and it is a pretty simple colour and fragrance; however it eaves your skin feeling so smooth. This product is the charity pot and it means that all the proceeds that come from selling the pot go to a local (or an international) charity (decided on by your local Lush). These charities change weekly and often Lush shops will organise an event to help promote the pot. 

I love this product so much that I even bought one of the small £1 pots to carry around in my handbag at all times! LINK

When I bought this my friend gave me a look and told me that it 'was a bit of a rip off' and she believed that it was the tea tree toner tab in water. It isn't! This product contains tea tree water and grapefruit water and is fantastic at waking you up. I do not know how much of an effect it has at preventing spots but it is a very good foundation makeup remover (as found out when I left all of my makeup remover at my old house!). I do think that when this runs out (which will be in a while as it is a pretty hefty bottle) I will buy a toner tab and use the spare water in this bottle as I think that that that would work very well as just some refreshing spray; however I will probably repurchase this as well as it just works so well! LINK

And my favourite product of this post is this beautiful shower cream. I love chocolate orange (it is my favourite chocolate if anyone is wondering) and this smells just like it. I love using it in the shower and I always get compliments on it in school! The only issue is that, as it is a bright yellow, it can mark shower curtains - the staines do come out when washed; however it does leave some interesting marks if left undetected. LINK

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