Wednesday, 6 January 2016

My December Favourites!

I've taken my break, started and never finished a number of blog posts and have moved completely into my new house so now I have decided to sit down, relax, and write a new blog post. I was going to do something about 2015 but I decided not to as it would have been too long and I do not think many of you would have cared. So, instead I am going to a pretty foolproof post: My December Favourites.

I haven't got that many this month as I wasn't buying things because of saving money for Christmas etc. but I had a few moments of relapse (and I also got some of this in November).

Everyone has raved about this product for years and years and my mum has bought it a few times but I have never actually got around to buying it - I do not know why! If you do not use a cleanser in your skincare routine I would highly recomend that you do it because it doesn't just take almost every scrap of make up and dirt off but it also leaves your skin feeling so soft (and it is very hassle free). This year I am trying to minimise the amount of products that I use on skin and I feel like this product is going to be key for that goal. 


I do not actually have hard worked hands (despite living in the countryside) but this work a treat for winter days when my skin just isn't feeling great. It has an interesting smell but it is every smoothing and there is no denying t hat after using it, my hands feel smooth and not greasy. 


I actually only got this because it was on offer in Superdrug but it is so good! I actually do not moisturize as much as I think I should but because the product leaves my skin feeling so soft instead of oily and greasy, I have been using it everyday. It hasn't left my skin 'spotless' but I have definitely noticed a reduction in the amount and size of the spots that I have. 


Actually I got this for Christmas but I love it so I thought that I would put it in anyway. I am not a very organised person and I am quite scatty when it comes to planning and dates so my parents thought it would be a good idea to get me one. This one is fun and colourful. It has a lovely page with things such as conversions and every week there is a page for notes. It is incredibly useful and just so bright and cheerful! I love it but I do not know where it is from so I can not link it...

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