Friday, 9 December 2016

2016 in Songs: Top 30

If you are new to my blog and you haven't gone far back, I occasionally post blogs about music as I am incredibly into my music. I am going to share with you my favourite pieces of music from this year with the aid of Spotify. I have gone through many music fazes this year and that will probably become apparent from the vast range of songs that I have listened to. I won't tell you all of my Top 100 (you'll have to check my Spotify account for that) but I will share a range of my top rated songs of this year. As I want to share quite a few, I will save you all the paragraphs and just give you the link.

I hope that you listen to and enjoy some of these songs - even if they aren't you normal music scene. Before this year I rarely listened to rap; however in the summer it became a staple on several playlists. Then, in September, I fell in love with more 'classic' songs - especially British musicians from the 60s-90s (especially Pulp - ugh). This was partially encouraged by me falling in love with the film Trainspotting which is a film that I would recomend everyone watches at some point in their lives.

  1. Novacane: Frank Ocean
  2. Famous: Kanye West
  3. Death Dream: Frightened Rabbit
  4. Burn the Witch: Radiohead
  5. Queen: Perfume Genius
  6. Common People: Pulp
  7. 33 "GOD": Bon Iver
  8. Back Again: Flor
  9. Silk: Wolf Alice (personally my favourite song of 2016)
  10. Sedona: Houndmouth
  11. Ride: Twenty One Pilots
  12. Hero: Family of the Year
  13. I Feel Better: Gotye
  14. 27 Club: Chløë Black
  15. Obsessions: Marina and the Diamonds
  16. Alps: Novo Amor
  17. DLZ: TV On The Radio
  18. Hallelujah: Jeff Buckley
  19. Dancing On My Own: Robyn
  20. Ghosts: BANNERS
  21. Headlines: Drake
  22. Disco 2000: Pulp
  23. Born Slippy(Nuxx): Underworld
  24. Two Devils: D.I.D
  25. The Only Ones: Nicole Reynolds  
  26. Nara: alt-J
  27. Across 110th Street: Bobby Womack
  28. Do you Realize?? THe Flaming Lips
  29. If I had a Gun...: Noel Gallager 
  30. First of the Gang to Die: Morrisey

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