Saturday, 31 December 2016

My 2016

My 2016

What have I learnt about my self this year? Probably not a lot. I’ve learnt Biology, Organic Chemistry and how the volcanic neck that Edinburgh Castle stands upon was formed but very little about myself. It has been a tough year with more downs than up until the start of this school year where I finally found my footing in my school, settled down with my work and focused on what I want to achieve. I want to do my best and show all the (many) people who do not believe that I can achieve my goals that they are wrong.

This year I fell in love with a city. Like millions of other people New York stole my heart but it did more than that. As I sat in a restaurant watching the workers who live in New York go out for office drinks after work it made me realise that I need to study what I want rather than what other people want me to study. I am an intelligent girl and had always strived for the best - I wanted to go to the best university and do the hardest course that I could. I chose A Levels - not because I particularly enjoyed the subject but because they were ‘hard’ A Levels. They would get me far. I never factored in how they would make me feel though, the stress of drawing out organic molecule after organic molecule. So I stopped telling people that I was going to try and go to Oxford to study Geography and instead set my sights on Manchester or Leeds to study Criminology. It is a degree that people look at you funny when you say it but I know that it is something that I will love to do. I’m doing something for myself for once.

I had my heart broken again in 2016 by the same person. That was hard, especially when everyone told me it was a stupid idea to go back to him, but it isn’t something I regret. I know that we have ended in a better way that we did last time which is something that I am happy about. I lost contact with some of my old friends as we drifted apart over time but became fast friends with new people. I realised that I shouldn’t hesitate to meet new people because I already had good friends and that I should try and meet as many new people as possible without judging them. I am now friends with people that I would have never thought I would have been this time last year (or even 6 months ago).

School work is demanding and social life is tempting but in a boarding school your school work is your social life (sort of) and I would like to think that over the last few weeks that I have managed to find some sort of a balance between the two. In September I directed a school version of Macbeth which is something that I am very proud of as it was completely out of my comfort zone and was a successful play (after one or two breakdowns). It showed me that I should go out of my comfort zone more frequently which is why I have become an active member of my debate team and vocal in my house. I would like to think that people are proud of how well I have managed to fit in. 

Now I don’t believe in New Years Resolutions because I think that changing yourself comes over time but I do have aims for 2017 - things that I don’t need to change about myself but what I want to achieve. 
1. I want at least ABB in my A Levels (preferably AAB or maybe even AAA to surprise everyone!)
2. I want to have an offer from every university that I applied to (not something that is particularly in my control but we will see - I’m just waiting for you Bristol).
3. Get an award at the end of the year. It is given to leaving students - I only have 6 months of school left. That’s terrifying.
4. Go to University and not hold myself back like I did when I moved schools for 6th Form. Have fun. It’ll be good.
5. Make time for myself in the summer - it’s all about me and my friends and family this year, not just about myself.

What are your goals/ resolutions? Did you have a good 2016 or a bad one?

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