Friday, 30 December 2016

What I Got For Christmas: Beauty

What I got for Christmas: Beauty

I got a lot of stuff for Christmas and I thought I would share it with you! I would like to say sorry about the warmth of the lighting - the weather isn't great here in Dorset at the moment so it is quite artificial! Firstly I got the Soap and Glory Beauty Box (it was half price in Boots) which contains some great things (some I personally feel are a bit over rated - I'm looking at you The Righteous Butter). Also I don't use the Scrub of Your Life scrub as it contains microbeads that I am personally against - as does the face wash I believe so I will probably be regifting these; however the rest I love and would recomend. Soap and Glory is one of my favourite brands. 

Lush! Finally I have some more Lush stuff which I will be doing reviews and stuff as I use them. I have already used two items - the Father Christmas one (hence the different background and better lighting) and Satsuma - which I do not have a photo of (sadly). I am very excited to use these bath bombs - this gift set is no longer available in stores as it is a Christmas gift but it will probably return next year so keep an eye out then!

Miscellaneous items are often the best and some of these I have never heard of before so I am buzzed to use them. The Palmers is my favourite body moisturizer and the Origins body lotion is my favourite smells. The Soaper Duper body wash is a knew one (I think its only found in Liberty) and although it is lemon scented it smells more like banana and that diffuser smells fantastic (I can not explain how nice it smells or what it smell like but it is lovely and you can find it in Waitrose).

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